Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have for some time had people suggest I write a book. I just wanted some input from some of you who may read the posts......It would mainly consist of the experiences I have had with God in my life....some as simple as the deeper experiences I have had.....If you would like, please leave me your opinion and any interests.

Thank you,
God Bless!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Two by Two!!!!

As it was in the days of Noah shall it be in the last days.......The word is never wrong it's proven true time and time again....It's description of our day is so true....Life as usual????Watch!!! faithful never before get in the ark of safety...the ark of the covenant of His word....Some will laugh and say it's not necessary....some will mock the prophets...they will continue on and look at you with superior glazed eyes as you sit in the security of these last days....You may choose to walk closer that you ever have even reconsidering some "old" convictions you may have given up for a time or for a spouse or friends....but you're boarding the last ship out...The safety of the oldest standing ark of the Lord...Two by two????The bible says if one can put thousand to flight TWO can put ten thousand to flight.....Get in the word with agreement!! Get in the prayer room with agreement!! God has stored up provision without spoil and where thieves cannot break in and steal!!! It's in the word!! It's in prayer that we will dwell in the ark of safety it's in the agreement in the name of Jesus that we will travail and prevail over every wile of the devil and every storm and the end in these perilous times...God is not mocked nor is He a man that He should lie....the same God that fed 10,000 with basically 5 cans of chicken of the sea and 5 loaves of bread is still in business today!!!! GET ON BOARD!!! It's almost the last call!!! Call to your family and friends one more....let go of the horrible spirit of Religion and just listen to the spirit of God...let down your guard of self and say I surrender and I'm getting on board where ALL is safe......Hallelujah!!!! It's in the word.......get ready as you get in that PLACE to see God reveal himself to you as never before....and answer prayer as never before the later house SHALL be greater than the former house...Oh praise God!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


ASK...That's it God???? ASK??? I have been waiting for a "big" revelation from HIM to post...and in a small quiet voice for days I've been hearing....ASK....So as I was about my day and would hear it occasionally finally I laughed and said "God I know that's you" and just like you so simple but powerful sometimes!! And just like HIM he brought confirmation to me in such a large but small way... EVERYWHERE I went yesterday I was caught off guard by the commercial that has the word "Ask" written in red across the screen or in a magazine in the doctors office, the supermarket etc...OOOOKKKK!!! I thought I get it JUST ASK!!"ASK OF ME" CHRIST SAID IN WORDS OF RED ALL THROUGH THE GOSPELS!!!!ASK... and it shall be done!! If ye ASK... of me a fish will I give you a serpent????If ye abide in me and my word abides (or lives) in you ye shall ASK what ye will and it S H A L L!!!! be done unto you!! He reminded me of a time in my life when I was in the ministry and money was almost non-existent!! I took my youngest daughter to school and just as she got out of the car she turned and said "Mom could we have banana nut bread the way I like it, you know, no nuts real toasty on top? As I was thinking "Sure if I rob a bank" she turned and said"Oh and if it's not too much trouble could we have those white and chocolate covered pretzels you make at Christmas??" As she ran off and I drove away I thought...It was as though she had ask me for a million$$...well it's not over I went back and picked up my oldest daughter and as she got got i...she asked for chocolate chip cookies!!! OK you have no idea what I was going through at the time, our finances were in ruins, my marriage of 15 years was in shambles and we were in the middle of pastoring a church...not to mention it was complicated as had been for many years with terrible physical and mental abuse...Before you say in horror what in the world were you doing in the ministry??? I knew God had put me there and had in fact told me if things did not change to leave....Sooo as I returned to the parsonage and threw myself in whaling tears on my bed I began to tell God look at this mess!!!And my precious daughters want nothing more than slightly toasted banana nut bread with no nuts, white and chocolate covered pretzels,and chocolate chip cookies....the phone rang...It was a very sweet woman from our church whom I was helping her excel in music ministry in our church...I thought OH GOD not now!!! I'm having a breakdown!! But..I answered in my normal got it together Texas southern lady voice...she said...I hope I'm not bothering you as she cried...but I think I've done something wrong and I want to make it right...She said "I bought a bunch of stuff to bake with yesterday and I kinda got into my tithe money and I was wondering if I could bring some of it over to you and it would maybe be right that way...I said "Oh why sure just stop worrying!" She said well you may not like it See I was making some banana nut bread last night and I forgot to put the nuts in it,and I left it a little bit longer that I intended to and so its a little "done" on the top, and then I made tooo much chocolate and white covered pretzels, like 8 lbs. and if that's too much or you guys don't like them I don't have to bring so much, and I made some chocolate chip cookies and they're a little chewy...but anyway would that be OK????As I sat totally limp in tears consumed by tears and the love of my father I tried to sound normal and say "Oh no bring them on over" much later in my life I shared with the woman what she had done...Oh my!!! If we could just understand what He really meant in the word that"BEFORE YOU CALL I WILL ANSWER'!!!! means we would put in our specific request to our Father and just run on to our day knowing that He will answer our A S K I N G!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! PRAISE HIM AND...ASK ASK ASK...BE SPECIFIC!!!!! HE LOVES YOU!!! I hope this blessed your heart!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Just For An Hour!!!

Praise God......As I was praying this morning the Lord spoke to me....I was praying and I began to pour out of my spirit .....many things !!!for my sons... my grandchildren...I said "God .....I believe there are no limits.... and I don't have to go to a seminar to get victory!!! I don't need the "SECRET" I have the secret!!!! I take the limits off!!! AND...God began to show me of how you have not because you ask not!!! Out of my spirit I cried OUT...." God your daughters are Cinderella!!! And I want victory for more than an HOUR!!!! More than a YEAR a month....more than a week...more than a day...and more than just a portion of my life...As Cinderellas' story goes ....she had to "hurry" and enjoy her "miracle" because AT "MIDNIGHT" the CARRIAGE would turn again to an ordinary pumpkin ....the horses into rats and the driver etc....So she needed to hurry up and enjoy her blessing and get back to her "assigned" life as slave and partaker of all the humiliations of her enemies she served....BUT NOT SO!!!! EVEN AT MIDNIGHT!!!! IN OUR LIVES!!!! in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!!!! We take AUTHORITY AND REFUSE TO SETTLE FOR LESS THAN OUR INHERITANCE!!!! OUR FATHER IS ROYALTY AND WE ARE HIS PRINCESS'!!!!! ARISE FROM YOUR MOP BUCKETS OF PAST DREAMS ARISE FROM YOUR BUCKETS OF BROKEN HEARTS, FROM YOUR BUCKETS OF SHAME!!!! FOR IN ISAIAH THE LORD SAYS " FOR YOUR SHAME YOU SHALL HAVE DOUBLE"!!!!! OH HALLELUJAH!!!! GOD WILL THROW YOUR BUCKETS OUT OF HOPELESSNESS AND YOUR BUCKETS OF"SETTLING" OUT FOR THE REAL THING!!!! We will NOT go a three days journey!!! WE WILL NOT.. Just have barely enough!!!! WE REFUSE to accept anything from the enemy I hear in my spirit THROW OUT THE HUSH MONEY!!! AND DEMAND YOUR INHERITANCE IT'S ALREADY YOURS!!! MY GOD SHALL SUPPLY AAALLLL......YOUR NEEDS!!!WHAT DO YOU NEED???? MY GOD SHALL SUPPLY ALLLLLL YOUR NEEDS!!!!! IF THE DOW HAS NOT BEEN SUPPLYING YOUR NEEDS IN THE PAST.....NO NEED TO GET UPSET NOW!!!!HALLELUJAH!!!!! WE ARE SERVING THE GOD WHO TURNED THE WATER INTO WINE!!! HE CAN TURN YOUR PUMPKINS INTO PROSPERITY AND HERE'S THE KEY WORD....NOW!!!! NOW!!!! NOW!!!!AND WE DON'T HAVE TO YELL SHALAKADOODLE!!! MY GOD REFUSE REFUSE TO GO ANOTHER HOUR WITHOUT YOUR INHERITANCE GET UP OFF YOUR KNEES OF "WELL I'LL PRAISE HIM ANYHOW...OFF YOUR KNEES OF OH WELL I CAN MAKE IT!!!!" AND ARISE!!!! GOD said "Many of my daughters await a special engagement to dress up beautifully if even for an hour........ and feel special and feel lovely....But I WANT TO TAKE YOU TO AN HOUR in your life where you realize who you are and you will not have to just look forward to one hour..... of a wedding..... one hour of a prom. hour to be loved and complemented ONE HOUR TO FEEL ADORNED....restored RESTORED AND ADORNED I WILL ADORN YOU!!!!.... I want to give you more than ONE night with the King I want to give you your hearts desire!!! Don't accept the words of Pharaoh again to RELAX in the control of His hand my daughters but..... THIS DAY!!! THIS DAY !!!!THIS DAY!!!!!! I WILL DELIVER YOU FROM BONDAGE!!! CRY OUT TO ME!!!!! AND GET READY FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!!!! THIS TIME IT WILL BE THE REAL BOA Z!!!! THIS TIME IT WILL BE THE RIGHT HOUSE !!!!THIS TIME IT WILL BE THE REAL THING!!!!THE RIGHT TOUCH~!!! THE RIGHT JOB !!!THE RIGHT TOWN!!! THE RIGHT FIELD!!!ASK ME!!!ASK ME!!! AND JUST GET READY....I KNOW WHERE TO DELIVER..... AND I KNOW HOW TO DELIVER!!! AND I DON'T NEED THE ENEMIES PERMISSION...BUT YOU.... DAUGHTERS... REFUSE !REFUSE!!!REFUSE!!!! THE GIMMICKS OF THE ENEMY!!!!FOR HE DOES NOT CONTROL WHAT IS NOT HIS !!!!....HE HAS NO CONTROL!!! DEMAND IT !!! DEMAND HE LET GO OF YOUR BLESSING!!!!....AND LET HIM KNOW YOU'RE NOT LEAVING "ANY" OF YOUR CHILDREN IN POVERTY!!!!...IN LACK!!!! ...IN SPIRITUAL DRUNKENNESS!!! OH HALLELUJAH THE ENEMY OF YOUR CHILDREN HAS TO LOOSE THEM!!!! IT'S COVENANT!!!!HALLELUJAH MARRIED OR NOT..... 10 20 OR 60 ....HE HAS NOT THE PRIVILEGE NOR THE POWER TO HOLD THEM!!!!BELIEVE ME AND GET READY!!!! FOR MORE THAN JUST AN HOUR MY DAUGHTERS MY BEAUTIFUL CINDERELLAS....FOR I WILL BRING YOU OUT OF THE CINDERS!!!! CINDERELLA!!!! AND GIVE YOU BEAUTY FOR ASHES!!! I WILL TURN YOUR MOURNING INTO DANCING....YOU AND THE smallest (birds) made a beautiful gown but "EYES HAVE NOT SEEN NOR HAS IT ENTERED INTO THE HEART OF man WHAT I HAVE PREPARED FOR YOU".... Praise God !!!I receive mine and I'm gettin ready for the REAL BOA Z to stand up!!! The palace that I don't have to give up and the real blessing..... not half of one.... and some food stamps....NOT FOR AN HOUR!!! HALLELUJAH!!! GET READY TO sing the songs you haven't sung to walk in places you haven't walked and WALTZ!!!! WITH THE KING!!!! You thought it was over!!!! .....but it's not!!!!! and here's the real kicker!!!.....just smile and keep carrying the bucket on hour head and keep walking past that smirk y grin.... but GET READY!!!!GET READY!!!!! IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN !!!!! H A P P E N!!!! THAT'S THE PROPHETIC WORD TODAY HAPPEN!!!! AND YOU WILL SAY.... "I CAN'T EXPLAIN IT"...!!!!!(what God did) it JUST HAPPENED!!!!!HALLELUJAH GET YOUR PUMPKINS!!!! GET YOUR LITTLE DUMB LOOKIN PUMPKINS....GET YOUR LIL NOTHINGS THAT THE ENEMY HAS LAUGHED AT....GOD SAYS YOU!!!!YOU!!! WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!!!!HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Come out with your hands Up!!!

As I awakened this morning I heard the words "Come out with your hands up!!!" As I came totally coherent I realized it was the spirit of the Lord.... I lay there and listened as the spirit of the Lord began to reveal things to me. He said people have been going through some very strong attacks some mental, some physical, some spiritual. I began to see different meanings to what He had laid on my heart.
One was coming out as the three Hebrew children did out of the fire, they did not bend nor bow, and they came out without the smell of smoke in their clothes. The " hands- up" represents surrender, and during the trying fiery trial of their life they surrendered to an all consuming fire, and from that trust and faith came total victory. We must learn to throw our hands up and "having done all we know to do STAND" and God will appear in our fiery trial.

Another was when Paul and Silas were in jail the victory came for them when they began to praise God and the whole building was shaken and they were set free . They were not wringing their hands nor pleading their case before an attorney.... they threw their hands up I believe and began to praise God from out of their spirit a "true" praise and it brought freedom and they "came out" of that bondage!!

The spirit of God is still the same today!! David defeated Goliath with the word of the Lord and one shot....but he made a declaration about his hands, he told the giant that God would deliver him into his "hands" this day!!! He prepared his hands to grasp the victory over the enemy through obedience and through the power of the spoken declaration of the words of his mouth!! Hallelujah we have the same power no matter how large the giant is or how long he's been there screaming threats!!! Prepare your hands to grasp tactics and threats of the enemy, and then to raise them in victory!!!David returned before the King with Goliath's head in his "hands".

We are coming OUT with our hands UP!!!! Praise God get your hands up in surrender, in praise, raise them up to prepare to carry the head of the enemy in triumph!!! Come up and out praising God!! Throw your hands up and say "God I give up.... I surrender to the will of your word!!!!" And your word says I know the plans for you are good plans for a hope and a future, plans of prosperity so God, Daddy, Heavenly Father I surrender to the trust that you are bringing those things to be in my life!!! Begin to praise God like the prison doors of bondage are gone praise Him like you know He is the Lord God Jehovah who was and is and is to come and will never leave you or forsake you.... the one who holds the keys to death and hell and the grave the one who will not only open the gates of the prison but the one who said " the gates of hell will NOT prevail" against you!!!

Praise Him!! and COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!!!!